Directly from Tokyo Shibaura meat market! A5 rank only waguyu cow(female) used only! Yakiniku U

Shimoda is famous for its seafood represented by Kinmedai, but Shimoda is not the only one! “July 2018,” specialized black wagyu beef female professional grilled meat U “for providing only delicious good meat to Shirahama only opened (we are managing)! I will introduce such Yakiniku U!


This izu Yakiniku U Entrance

Previously it was a hot spring resort called Shirahama no yu. It is next to the reception entrance of “Shirahama Guest House U-chan House (we are managing)”.


This izu Yakiniku U In-store

Here, the woodgrain tone and plants also line up, I think whether it is a space that I can not imagine as a barbecue shop! Because it is adjacent to the guest house, there are many counter seats so that one customer can enter without hesitation. One person is very welcome! !

A5 rank “moo-cow” only🐃🥩


This is when you get lost! It is meat!

This izu Yakiniku U Assorted ※ The picture is for 2 servings of 7 kinds.

Extra special Tongue

This izu Yakiniku U Extra special Tongue ※ The picture is about 5 servings

You may dislike this, but please try eating to think that You were deceived! Absolutely delicious.

Extra special Loin

This izu Yakiniku U Extra special Loin ※ The picture is about 5 servings

Bone-less Short Rib

This izu Yakiniku U Bone-less Short Rib ※ The picture is about 1 servings

Extra special Outside skirt

This izu 焼肉u 特上ハラミ ※ The picture is about 5 servings

You may dislike this, but please try eating to think that You were deceived! Absolutely delicious. A German🇩🇪 customer said, “The beef at this bbq restaurant was the most delicious in my life, Especially I did not know that outsideskirt is such a delicious part, it’s awesome.” 🐃🥩

Thank you so much for praising us. So I said, “Because these beef are cow of Kuroge Wagyu beef stocking from my father of wagyu beef specialist”.

This izu Yakiniku U Extra special Outside skirt


This izu Yakiniku U Offal You can choose the taste from miso, sauce and salt!

There are plenty of kinds (11 kinds in total).

And since we are buying wagyu hormones from all of Shibaura in Tokyo, there are many valuable parts that will not be circulated in other shops!

More than anything, it’s fresh, and we do not neglect preparation , so there is no smell at all! Please also try those who thought that it was not good until now. You should feel it is delicious.

This izu Yakiniku U Namulu This is Namul I got taught when I train at a famous Yakiniku restaurant in tokyo!

Smokeless odorless healthy roaster

This izu Yakiniku U Smokeless odorless healthy roaster ※ This Meat is a special menu Riburusu steak for year-end and new year

Because this roaster does not fall on the heat source and water is contained in the grill, it is designed to be baked without direct burning at the time of making it, so no smoke will emerge. In other words, because there is no smell, there is no worry that it will smell clothes and hair etc.

Even those who dislike the smell and dislike meat are safe!

Are cow(female) and male oxen different?

Beef of female cow is characterized by a lot of subcutaneous fat and fine meat quality. Therefore, because of the large amount of unsaturated fatty acids, you can enjoy the luxurious tast that melts in your mouth softly.

Male cattle, if they are replaced by human beings, is similarly muscular and hard and meat quality, but it is characterized by a large body instead. Therefore, in order to make the meat quality soft even a little, in order to bring it closer to the female cow, male cattle is said to be almost castrated.

Such a female cow is small in commodity and it is high quality as mentioned above, so the market price becomes expensive. but,

In our shop, it is possible to purchase such fine meat . because we can be purchased father that handling Wagyu beef that ranked in A4 ~ A5 for about 50 years in Tokyo! Furthermore, our beef with an individual identification number carefully selected from this father-in-law purchasd.

In the city ’s yakiniku restaurant and steak shop, trying to eat similar meat is considerably expensive, but from the above, it is the world’ s top class beef of a female cow A5 rank, but We can offer you by low - price.

Please come and taste it for everyone Thank you.


A5 rank only waguyu cow(female) used only - Yakiniku U

電話 81 - 558-66-1013 Booking OK.

Address Shimahama 1692-1, Shimoda-shi, Shizuoka, JPN


Launch:11:00~14:00 / Dinner:17:00~22:00(L.O.21:30)


Every mondy.If it is a national holiday, change on Tuesday.


Launch about 1000 yen Dinner About 1000 ~ 5000 yen

Credit card, electronic money, PayPay available

Web site


Public transport
From Izukyu Line Shimoda station, take the Tokaido bus (Itado Ichiki (Shirahama coast) direction) 10 minutes. Bus stop name is "Shimoda prince hotel"
Tomei Highway - Tomei Atsugi IC - From Odawara Atsugi Road - Ishibashi IC - Atami direction, Route 135 to Ito via Shihama
Or New Tomei Expressway, Shinto-n Numazu Naganizu IC to Izu Long-term Road, Route 356 via Amagi / Kawazu, to Shirahama
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