Tsumekizaki full of superb views

Heart shaped bench and Lighthouse♡

Sea with outstanding transparency and flowers🌴

At night the starry sky⭐

Tsumekizaki have full of scenery💯

This izu 爪木崎

This izu 爪木崎

This izu 爪木崎

This izu 爪木崎

This izu 爪木崎

When you park your car in the parking lot, you will soon see a magnificent view

The garden has a walkable walkway that is easy to walk, children and dogs are okay.

A heart-shaped bench is installed and it is possible to take even better shots.


Public transport
From Izukyu Line Shimoda station, take the Tokaido bus (Tsumekizaki direction) 15 minutes.
Tomei Highway - Tomei Atsugi IC - From Odawara Atsugi Road - Ishibashi IC - Atami direction, Route 135 to Ito via Shihama
Or New Tomei Expressway, Shinto-n Numazu Naganizu IC to Izu Long-term Road, Route 356 via Amagi / Kawazu, to Shimoda
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