Spring of 2019! Recommended sightseeing spots of Shimoda 10 picks

Shimoda city Shizuoka prefecture has many attractive spots that you will want to visit, such as beautiful sightseeing spots, beautiful scenic spots such as the sea. We introduce 10 sightseeing spots of Shimoda that we recommend for dating and family trip as well as girls’ journey.

β–  Tsumekizaki

This izu Tsumekizaki

When you park your car in the parking lot, you will soon see a magnificent view

The garden has a walkable walkway that is easy to walk, children and dogs are okay.

A heart-shaped bench is installed and it is possible to take even better shots.

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β–  Miharashi park in Shirahama

This izu Miharashi park in Shirahama

here definitely have not lost to Okinawa.

It will make you feel.

Places where you can find the cleanliness of Shirahama water.

When there is no wave, daytime, west wind

You can take it as beautifully as the first one.

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β–  Kujyuppama beach

This izu Kujyuppama beach

There is a free parking lot on the left side of Tsumekizaki.

Going down the stairs, it is a touching beauty!

It is a narrow beach, so summer is crowded, but it is not as good as the main shirahama beach,

There is almost no off-season so if you take the best shot you want to avoid the high season.

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β–  Nabeta beach

This izu Nabeta beach

I wonder if there is such an emerald greenπŸ’š beach in Honshu, in Shimoda.

There is a shrine on the cliff and it is very beautiful if you look down from there

Moreover, the over of the beach is supposed to be able to walk on the rock, and you can see beautiful view also from there β—Ž

Many guest come here in Summer so very crowded.

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β–  Sotoura beach

This izu Sotoura beach

As this beach is located in the bay like Nabeta, the waves are always relatively calm

You can see from the upper national highway

the transparency of water is clearly understood

Even if the other beach is high in waves and swimming is prohibited in the high season

Often you can swim only this beach

The family layer come here.

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β–  Akane Island

This izu Akane Island

Actually there is an island behind the Shimoda Marine Aquarium.

While you climbed the stairs and passed through the forest,

you can not stop excited.

Beyond that there is a natural tunnel and view.

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β–  Ryuuguukutsu

This izu Ryuuguukutsu

You can enjoy 2 patterns of ryuuguukutsu from the bottom, from above.

β€œFrom the bottom” can feel a mysterious space!

This place is often used as a TV shot location.

Once you go up the stairs, from the top is the heart view spot!

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β–  Ebisu Island

This izu Ebisu Island

Between Shimoda and Shirahama, Ebisu island located at the tip of the Susaki peninsula

You cross the bridge! Two courses the coastline and insideline

If you are along the coast, you can see the transparency of the water well, the striped pattern of the island looks beautiful well

You can go to the tip of the island even if you go from inside or from the coastline.

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β–  Kisami Oohama

This izu Kisami Oohama

A white sandy beach

A large beach that lasts hundreds of meters

There is also a big rocky place in the back right

There are places like becoming caves too!

Because there are also many foreigners, they may make the illusion of being overseas.

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β–  Shirahama central beach

This izu Shirahama central beach

When you stop the car at the parking lot dedicated to the central beach (Nagata Ward).

Down the stairs, the right side is also nice, but the promenade on the left side (toward the bay) is pretty spectacular!

There are relatively few people in the high season,

Recommended for people who are not good at crowding.

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