There are cherry blossoms on Shirahama! Recent topic - Shirahama Sakura no Sato

There are various types of cherry blossoms🌸 in the park

from late January to about March

Some kind of cherry blossoms are in bloom

There is also a new kind of Shirahama Ikuna multiplied with Kawazu Sakura

This izu

This izu

This izu

This izu

Kawazu cherry tree of Kawazu town is famous,

Actually, there are places where you can enjoy cherry blossom🌸 here also in Shirahama.

There are really many varieties,

For a long time, I can see some of the cherry blossoms, so it is recommended.


Public transport
From Izukyu Line Shimoda station, take the Tokaido bus (Itado Ichiki (Shirahama coast) direction) 10 minutes.
Tomei Highway - Tomei Atsugi IC - From Odawara Atsugi Road - Ishibashi IC - Atami direction, Route 135 to Ito via Shihama
Or New Tomei Expressway, Shinto-n Numazu Naganizu IC to Izu Long-term Road, Route 356 via Amagi / Kawazu, to Shirahama
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