Osaka's Okonomiyaki Taro - Shimoda

Shimoda is famous for its seafood represented by Kinjo, but Shimoda is not the only one!

Okonomiyaki restaurant managed by owner born Osaka who has a strong commitment is along the Perry Road.

In the atmosphere of the Showa era of Japan, you can enjoy the exquisite okonomiyaki which sticks to the volume, ingredients plentifully, sauce ~ powder. (Personally I am the best delicious okonomiyaki that I ate)

And what I am glad is that the clerk of the shop carefully make from the beginning to the end!

This izu お好み焼き たろう

This izu お好み焼き たろう

This izu お好み焼き たろう


Public transport
From Izukyu Line Shimoda station, take the on foot about 15 minutes from station.
Tomei Highway - Tomei Atsugi IC - From Odawara Atsugi Road - Ishibashi IC - Atami direction, Route 135 to Ito via Shihama
Or New Tomei Expressway, Shinto-n Numazu Naganizu IC to Izu Long-term Road, Route 356 via Amagi / Kawazu, to Shimoda
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