Popular for foreign tourists as well! It's almost as if it were abroad - Shimoda Yoshimi Ohama

As if abroad ♡

Wide white sand beach and beautiful sea 🌴

There are also many foreign tourists

Stylish cafe nearby too!

This izu

This izu

This izu

This izu

A white sandy beach

A large beach that lasts hundreds of meters

There is also a big rocky place in the back right

There are places like becoming caves too!

Because there are also many foreigners, they may make the illusion of being overseas.


Public transport
From Izukyu Line Shimoda station, take the Tokaido bus, about 20 minutes.
Tomei Highway - Tomei Atsugi IC - From Odawara Atsugi Road - Ishibashi IC - Atami direction, Route 135 to Ito via Shihama
Or New Tomei Expressway, Shinto-n Numazu Naganizu IC to Izu Long-term Road, Route 356 via Amagi / Kawazu, to Shimoda
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