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Do you perhaps plan to come to Japan? Will you go to Tokyo and Kyoto? If so please check this web site and Please stop by Shimoda.
This site is a site that tells traveller from all over the globe the charm of Shimoda

About Me

I am Japanese. And I can’t speak English well and I’m not so good at writing English, so I may make mistakes in making English sentences. But I am studying english everyday. Cut me some slack!

I’m from Yokohama city, I moved Shirahama, Shimoda city before 5 years ago.
Izu Shirahama is my father’s hometown.
I running guesthouse and Yakiniku restaurant at Shirahama.

I love this place. becouse there are beautiful beach and countryside. Shimoda have very beautiful beach and beautiful natural. And there are the delicious seafood and the delicious “Japanese Wagyu beef(I manage “Yakiniku” restaurant)“.

I hope visitors from all over the globe will come here. So I thinking about how to increas the traveller everyday. Now, There are only a few shop and restaurant in Shirahama. There is nothing but beautiful. There is almost nothing sightseeing spot.
I don’t think that there is nothing because traveller don’t come. Traveller don’t coming because there is nothing.
Here is great access becouse here is about 3 hour from Tokyo, what a waste of place. Even though here is good place. So I’ll make many shop here. I hope here change to “The best resort area”.
And here is not kind for visitors from all over the globe. There are nothing english guide and There are few places where credit cards can be used.

I want to convey the charm of Izu Shimoda at this site for a visitors from all over the globe even a little. So I opened this site. Thank you for your consideration.